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A memorable day this was, as the Lighthouse Chapel Int. Airport, led by Bishop Eddy Addy read more

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LCI, Airport Branch visits

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A memorable day this was, as the LIGHTHOUSE CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL; AIRPORT BRANCH led by Bishop Eddy Addy one of the founding Bishops/Fathers of LightHouse Chapel International and presiding Pastor of the Airport Branch Church, visited the LightHouse Christian Childrens home on the 13th of February,2016. 


Our Saturday was full of bliss. The people interacted with the children and staff merrily. A heart felt warmth as they expressed the purpose of their visit;  to rejoice and share in the love that was bubbling in the atmosphere. Bishop Eddy and his members/ team made a generous donation to the Home.

The on going building project was the peak of their experience. As they saw the vision and lived the heart of  the founding Bishop of the LightHouse Chapel International; Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and His wife Lady Rev.Mrs Adelaide Heward-Mills. towards these little angels.

John Nsurbe, one of our very own was the celebrant of the day. He turned 15 years on the 13th of Febuary 2016, and  has been a son of the home for 10 years.  It brought many sentiments and bliss. Bishop Eddy graced  John's celebration with glad tidings and goodwill.

God bless Bishop Dag Heward Mills
God bless Lady Rev Adelaide Heward Mills
God bless the LightHouse Chapel International, Airport Branch.